Thursday, May 29, 2008

Libdemologists: Select Kentish Social Franchiser

Three Line Whip are I think rather shocked at the ruthlessness of the Libdemologists, though at least they have not yet lost their former candidate Susan Cooper (left), who appears under the usurper from Kentthe West Country/Welsh Borders (centre) on their contact page. The Tories appear to be favouring a Susan Cooper-a-like in Ann Ducker (right).

Mr Kearney has a colourful CV, starting as a farming student, becoming a commodity trader, then various businesses, and now CEO of the Regenerate Trust he set up with his partner in 1989. Which, in common with many local Lib Dem operations, appears to have a whiff of a franchise operation about it. Family business, charity, pyramid operation?

Uk Polling Report profile the constituency and show us the incumbent boy candidates. These include Labour's trainspotter of a candidate Richard "Basher" Mackenzie, someone that Reading Jane, who knows about such things, believes might be sacrificed by Malcolm Powers (South East Labour) to avoid any embarrassment. Perhaps she be fancying a return to the fray?

UPDATE Weds 14:43: Kearney lives in Plymouth or thereabouts and works in Shrewsbury and is not the Lib Dem councillor of the same name from Medway. He was an instant local in the Lib Dem practice on renting a room in the town.


jane said...

not a chance Chris, sorry to disappoint the many who would love it - Basher's website has disappeared today!

Chris Paul said...

Disappeared has it? Hope that wasn't because of little me! (And they wish.) Presumably it means they are going to professionalise it rather than have sacked the candidate?

Sorry to hear there is to be no second coming.