Thursday, May 08, 2008

London: Brocket, Boris, Fast Cars and Loose Women

First Post are wondering about Boris Johnson's judgement. It seems he is considering an offer of assistance with his Transport Planning from the deeply dishonest toff Lord Brocket. When his collection of red Ferraris got into negative equity he dug a big hole and stashed several of them away to defraud his insurers. But life goes on as the 3rd Baronet reports:

"I had dinner with Boris a couple of weeks ago and we discussed a whole raft of ideas I have about improving the transport system," Brocket reveals in today’s Daily Telegraph. Johnson appeared to have been receptive to his ideas because he has now invited the disgraced peer to visit City Hall and amplify his thoughts. Says Brocket, who is, of course, an Old Etonian: "His people want me to come in and make a presentation on some issues."

Delightful! Perhaps we'll have Darius Guppy leading on Press Relations in the adjoining cell? And Tory Lord Conrad Black on City Regulation? And naturally Toffs' cars to be buried under central London parks.

Brocket may be more air kissing showbiz tart than noblesse oblige these days but he does come from a political family First Post reveal. His late father was a member of the pro-Nazi Anglo-German Fellowship in the 1930s and a few months before the outbreak of World War Two attended Adolf Hitler's 50th birthday in Berlin.

They make no suggestion that Boris's newest chum has such sympathies. Though perhaps his estranged first wife - who dobbed him in for the buried treasure - could assist the Post in clearing the matter up?

I'm not sure whether the father of another car lover with unfortunate associations was at Hitler's 50th too, though Hitler was certainly at Mad Max's dad's wedding in 1936. At Goebbel's Berlin home.

Meanwhile the automatons at the Standard are still on their mission to undermine the Mayor. A soul was never sold so cheap. Tory Troll also brings news that one of Boris' secret cabal - Planning Guru Simon Milton - was also part of Dame Shirley Porter's secret cabal. Anyone want to buy a used Council estate? Or a soiled red Ferrari?

It's all so incestuous this in-bred Tory Cronyism isn't it?

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