Friday, May 02, 2008

Mcr Local Election 2008: City Centre Gap Closes

City Centre Ward

ADLARD Rob Tory 386
BIRKINSHAW Peter Green 139
MCCAUL Anthony Labour 479
RAMSBOTTOM Marc Steven Lib Dems 568

Disappointing. But in fact a tremendous result for Anthony McCaul. Closing the margin on Rambo to under 90 and widening the gap to the Tories to around the same. Adlard is now, officially, Tory toast.


John Tyrrell said...

Good prediction. Will be interesting to see how close you are in your other predictions.

Chris Paul said...

Chorlton was my best effort I think John. One or two of the others were shall we say wishful thinking, wind ups for the Dims, or both.

Chris Paul said...

On second look, most of them stand up. Only Northenden and Whalley Range really stand out as seriously incorrect. The former by a swing of just over 50 votes. The latter through an incredibly mixed up situation in the ward. John Grant almost certainly got the benefit of white Tories and soft racists generally supporting him rather than the scarey Tory hotheads.