Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nad Dorries: Next Trick, Return of Coal Industry

Looks like Nadine Dorries MP has a new project! Not exactly permalinked here. But here it is:

When we closed down our mines, forever, Germany kept theirs ticking over, so that if necessary they could be 're-booted' in the future. Which they have been.
Makes sense as technology has provided us with the ability to extract all the harmful chemicals from coal to provide a clean burn.
France went nuclear. Three quarters of France’s energy is met by nuclear power.
So, just thinking along the lines of economic competitiveness, does being almost totally dependent on fuel imports put us at a disadvantage? Do you think that just maybe someone in this place may suggest it's time to end the culture of short termism?
I wrote a blog a while ago about food security. The same principle applies to fuel surely?

That's quite a project. Putting back what her heroine Maggie Thatcher destroyed. Of course at this point in her life Nads had long since abandoned hubby one and was oblivious, off big game hunting for hubby number two in darkest Africa.

Back in Liverpool the people knew what they had to do. Perhaps it is through missing this, and Halewood disputes, and all the Thatcher damage, and the rich new hubby and all, that Nads became a Tory in the first place?

So, Nadine must have got over her recent disappointment? Sadly no. The Clean Coal/Nuclear post ends with:

A lady has written in one of the cards “Sometime in the future, our great grandchildren will look back on what we did, in the same way we look back on the appalling practice of slavery, and try to make sense of what appeared on the outside to be a progressive and civilised society, but which was Tories all the while butchering our Coal Industry”.

Well, something a bit like that anyway. Slightly adapted to keep Nads on topic.


Ted Foan said...

Perhaps, in the interest of balance, Chris, you might like to refer your reader to this:

(Sorry I can't do the proper link stuff.)

As someone who was affected both personally and professionally (I once had a proper job, believe it or not!) by the run-down of the coal industry I would be highly delighted if the UK coal industry could be revived.

In the 1980s it could have survived, albeit in a much smaller form, but for the stupidity of the NUM led by Arthur Scargill in 1983/4. A lot of profitable pits were subsequently closed down because the "dash for gas" was seen as a way of ensuring that the country would never again be held to ransom by British miners. This was the cheap energy policy followed by Conservative and Labour governments for the last 20 years and which is now coming home to roost.

Chris Paul said...

In the interests of balance? There's me and Nads agreeing about something and you want balance?

Here you go Diablo.

But it takes two to tango as they say. Master-slave-master-slave. Scapegoating Arthur just doesn't cut the mustard. Seems a bit spiteful of any government to close down an industry and 1000s of communities just to show a troublesome commie in Yorkshire who's boss.

The link thing goes like this:
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Substituting angle brackets for square brackets.

Anonymous said...

Nothing would surprise me with these Tories. Is Nads laying the ground for the (suggestion of) revival of the coal industry to be included in the Tory manifesto at the next GE?

Chris Paul said...

You never know ... but she's probably just blethering bollocks.