Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Result of the Night?: Lufthur Rahman Longsight's My Pick

Salford Tory Iain Lindley has started a thread on the best result of May 1. Clearly his own pick and that of his sole commentator to date are Tory successes.

But here in Manchester where Tories remain thin on the ground I'm picking the Longsight Landslide.

Lufthur Rahman and the Manchester Labour team turned a huge Labour loss to the then Lib Dem Abid Latif Chohan in 2007 on its head and kicked out the imposter Liaqat Ali in Longsight.

An even bigger majority and turnover than Maryam Khan had two years ago. Chohan of course came home to Labour earlier this year but was the Lib Dem Councillor Grant 1234 Shapps and his Tory co-conspirators chose to urge Lib Dems to back Tony Lit in one of the clumsiest pieces of personation in the history of the internet.

Chohan is from the same home area of valleys and villages round Jhelim in the North of the Punjab as Cllr Faraz "Buzz" Bhatti and Sajjad Karim MEP the high profile defectors to Manchester Tories.

Their Whalley Range candidate Fawad Hussein who scored almost 1000 votes with a nasty, communalist and strong arm campaign is also from that area. And his hothead assistants were posting material from Hizb_ut-Tahrir alongside bland Tory nonsense. This surely makes the digusting "foreigners" line in Labour attack material in Crewe pale into insignificance.

I saw Chohan when I was out and about in longsight last weekend. He said categorically that Faraz is finished as a candidate for any party. This is because he left his wife and kids for his girlfriend, turning his wife into a single parent, and scandalising his community by being caught at a notorious dogging spot near Manchester Airport and having a set to with the police.

The gift that keeps on giving as I've said before.

CAPTION: Labour councillors welcome back prodigal ......(Left to right) Naeem Ul Hassan, Lufthur Rahman, Abid Chohan, Afzal Khan, Maryam Khan, Sir Richard Leese.

UPDATE Wed 11:35: Strangely Cllr iain Lindley has yet tp post my pick of the night. Similar the the above post. Could it be because there are too many home truths here about Tory tricks and unpleasant bed fellows?


Anonymous said...

Indeed, Chris. I picked it out on the night.


Chris Paul said...

Yep, not sure why iain's gone back to it now, though on the night for me the big results were the thumping we gave Leech's candidate in Chorlton and the reverse we took in Northenden. Both seats I was working in between 6 am and 10pm on May 1. The Cheetham result was also huge given the history there.

However this one is very significant in terms of Manchester Gorton constituency and should provide a platform to take a seat each in the Gorton wards next time.

And the underlying issues with Faraz and Co in WR beg the question of whether he should be allowed to be the Tory PPC in Gorton. I don't think they can afford to risk that myself. He has no mandate. And nor could they risk Fawad with his hothead cousins ... but he has the greatest mandate.

Anonymous said...

I've not approved your comment posted on my blog because it is libellous on several levels, and whilst you may be happy to sail so close to the wind on your own website, I am not prepared to take any such risks.