Friday, May 30, 2008

Save The Labour Party: Peter Gets Too Much Sun

Save The Labour Party ("as an ethical, democratically-run, solvent, mass membership organisation") head honcho Peter Kenyon has gone all satirical on us, proposing that Party members fork out an average of £135 a head to bail the party out.

In Labour Home comments R Wendland (who has previous) suggests a squeeze on the parliamentarians who would each be asked for £20,000 to pay off one third of the debt.

Let's see where we can take this one. This thought should I think be combined with Ruth Lea's suggestion on last night's Question Time - ignorantly pooh-poohed, by Mr Pickles I think - viz. that MPs' second homes should revert to the state when they die, retire or lose.

No, Eric, not the same as halls of residence. Properties largely paid for by the taxpayer simply belonging to the tax payer. Clearly the current generation of Labour MPs will grasp the opportunity to show they are not grasping individuals by passing their second home deeds over to the Party in its hour of need.

Why on earth should representatives of any party end up with two or more homes, or the cashed-in capital gains thereon, which have largely been funded by the people? House them, yes. Give them a six-figure property windfall, no.

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