Sunday, May 04, 2008

So Weak: Dale Meets Gordon's 128th Ancester

Desperate times for temporarily triumphant tory tossery call for desperate measures. Iain Dale has been tipped off on the occupation of one of Gordon Brown's predecessors - 128th of the bloodline - who was a local Merchant Grocer.

Genealogist Dale, of bovine farmer stock himself, thinks this will save Dave from future accusations of being a flim flam snake oil salesman with no policy clothes on him whatsoever. Pah-bloody-thetic!

UPDATE: Dale did get something right yesterday and, like a dog walking on its hind legs, this does need to be acknowledged. Iain correctly guessed the number of goals to be scored at Old Trafford. Though not quite their distribution between the parties. Partisan chump: 0-5 to the Hammers. Actuality: hammered 4-1.

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