Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tory Boy Bloggers: Piling on the Hypocriticals

Iain Dale is rightly getting a right royal rollocking over at his own blog for publishing an account of a meal with Ms Dunwoody and her children at a power-cut hotel. This was obtained by proactive deceit by his accomplice who told TD he was a Labour volunteer.

As it goes the candididate betrayed no confidences whatsoever despite persistent attempts at entrapment from top blogger Dale's scurrilous accomplice, despite the lateness of the hour, despite the blitz spirit in the beleaguered hotel, despite the exhausting schedule she must be following.

Apart from all that, and do read the comments - mine may appear shortly if not censored, Mr Dale has also continued another rather disreputable line of scummy Tory attack. Which is to use this: "Moyra Tamsin Dunwoody-Kneafsy"; her married name, and one which no longer applies to her as she is divorced.

Presumably this is part of the Tory riposte that double-barreled TD is just as posh, in her rural house - valued at 20% of ET's - though sadly without the £53M fortune to go with it, as ET is in his. TD is also without the disingenuous "we had it tough" narrative about her childhood that ET has been parading.

Do you know what? Sometimes he did not manage overseas holidays as he grew up. Poor diddums. My own family did not have a single family holiday NOT staying with rellies in the British Isles when I was growing up.

Meanwhile Dale's utterly-mad and twice-married mate Nadine Dorries MP - who loves to dispense relationship counselling - called herself Bargery in Hazel Grove 2001 and Dorries in 2005. And she's still Dorries now though she has divorced the hubbie to whom she owes her money, her property, her daughters and indeed her political career.

Why has she left him? Because as his progressive disability kicks in he wants to kick off his shoes and go back to South Africa before he deteriorates too much.

Nads was actually Mrs Dorries at the time of both elections. Meanwhile Mr Dale is not giving an inch on his disgraceful tactics.


Anonymous said...

Dale's problem is that he can't make up his mind whether he's a commentator or a player.

Sometimes he comments fairly, other times, he just can't help himself and he has to nudge the proceedings along a bit. Result - no-one really takes him very seriously as either commentator or player.

The piece he blogged about shows that he's either bloody naive or else he has a double-standard of morality when it comes to dirty tricks between the parties.

His post about a Tory activist taking advantage of a woman eating dinner alone with her children is a good example. Calling people playground names is one thing but this is bloody creepy.

Chris Paul said...

Agreed anon. Will he perform a U-turn when it sinks in what he has done?

Anonymous said...

No matter how many times you have a go a the Tories for being toffs it just shows yourself and your party as inverted snobs.
and this Thursday your party will be dealt another bloody nose by the Tories.
The best thing is though you and your party know it's going to happen and can't do a thing about it.