Monday, June 30, 2008

Beaconsfield 1982: A Heartwarming By-Election Tale

Just a little up the Thames Valley from Henley-on-Thames Labour's man lost the 1982 by-election in Beaconsfield and his deposit ... and he went on to lead Labour to three General Election victories counsels Rupa Huq. What does this mean for Labour's candidate Richard McKenzie, seen above with Mike Joslin, recently promoted to chief bike monitor at Lord William's School, Thame.


Anonymous said...

So we got a McKenzie after all in a by-election after all flying the Labour flag, even though it was not the "colourful" Kelvin

Chris Paul said...

We did indeed Roops. And now, thanks to your jolly tale, he'll be looking for a safe seat in the NE to emulate the career of TB.