Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Laurence Boyce: Condemns Clogg's Wishy Washers

Would add Laurence Boyce to the LOL blog roll if I could find a blog of his own. But here he is condemning Nick Clegg and the other wishy washers for conniving with the right-wing Tory loon David Davis.

Clegg's PPC David Nolan - just 5,000 or so off taking the seat - didn't even find out about the dastardly done deal until he read the morning papers. Amazingly he no longer has his picture in his own gallery! Though of course research shows that he probably would have been replaced had Mr Whippy Clogg decided to do the right thing for once.

The debunking of the liberal crap on this is brilliant Laurence, brilliant.

Mr Boyce blows away the smug and silly David Davis supporting bandwagon. Without even mentioning that the Magna Carta was in fact a robber bully barons' charter under which no man (read no baron) should be held etc against the law of the land. So under the MC 42-days detention would be just fine if a law the robber baron's had themselves concocted or rubber stamped.

Oubliette anyone? Good King Alfred was more of a canny lawmaker than the combined toffs and gangsters of Runnymede ever were.

Many people are in fact against 42 days detention without trial but as Laurence argues it is way down our shopping list of freedoms, somewhere with the detail of the Lisbon treaty in the broad population's priorities. And Davis is of course a right wing T***.

It's a stunt and a farce. Davis is a menace to liberalism. Clegg was wrong. But Labour are now right to ignore the by-election IMO. Particularly given that 12.7% return - in a good year. But could and should Labour MPs now vote against the writ for the by-election? Kick Davis into the long grass for five months!

* That's Tory of course.

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