Friday, June 27, 2008

Liverpool CSI: Tories Rare as Rocking Horse Poop

At Conservative Home Ben Jones explains how the Tories are going to win back Liverpool though a cultish activity known as "CSI". Ben's explanation includes a picture of the esteemed Den Dover. He's one of the famous "seaside towns" trio of Conservative family businesses Conwy, Chichester and Dover. Quite a boy band (above) there with him.

Several name drops too for the lifelong fibber Nadine Dorries MP. There's a screen grab here (click to enlarge) of her PROVING that she is wrong and Caroline Flint is right in a blog post supposed to do quite the opposite.

Here is the "permalink" though it is no such thing. And here's the link to Hansard. Say a call was at 4.55 and PROVE it was not. Amazing skills. Nadine pic on left btw.

As we revealed exclusively back in April in Manchester Cllr Faraz "Buzz" Bhatti's Conservatives are taking a different route.

Tactics include steaming shops to tear down posters, teaming up with Hizb_ut-Tahrir to scaremonger that the Qur'an is to be banned, and oh yes, there's also one other very topical and persuasive tactic of note.

So effective that Robert Mugabe's fascists are using it today in Zimbabwe. Telling people that they will know immediately how they have voted, and that there will be consequences if they do not vote for Fawad Hussain of Hizb_ut-Tahrir, sorry, I mean Fawad Hussain of David Cameron's Manchester Conservatives (CSI).

Incidentally Fawad Hussain, who employed these tactics and a crew of young hotheads, is the Manchester Conservative with by far and away the greatest electoral mandate. Almost 1,000 votes. he must surely now be selected ahead of Bhatti as a PPC?


Anonymous said...

Dover Den and the Lost Boys in Never Never Land?

Anonymous said...

Can you substantiate this rubbish that makes up your bizarre little vendetta against the Manchester Tories, or is it just the usual pile of horse crap?

Chris Paul said...

Of course I can substantiate it anonymous 15:41.

There are countless witnesses across Whalley Range Ward, written complaints have been made by some of these, and I'm very happy to see you in court - whoever you are - if you think you can prove that I've no evidence that Fawad Hussain and his hotheads did act as described in this May's local government elections.

Or if you think Faraz Bhatti was not caught by police with his girlfriend in a carpark by the airport and had not moved out of the ward and the family home over his despicable behaviour. And did not try a "don't you know who I am" routine and threaten a complaint against the police too.

The only argument I have with Manchester Tories at large - apart from their politics for which Manchester has no use - is that Faraz and Fawad are not under any sort of effective discipline to stop this kind of sordid behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Does your Tory troll without the good grace to use their name claim that Fawad and Co did not use Zanu-PF tactics in Manchester in May? Is that it?