Thursday, June 19, 2008

Winterton 'Contrived Tenancy' Legal: Until July 2006

LOL's friends, the appropriately named "Sir Nick" and Lady Anne, have been semi-cleared of creating a contrived tenancy the like of which would see a benefit claimant doing likewise scarcely touch the sides of the dungeon.

For seven years their disgraceful money-grubbing scam was actually legal. But they've now had a couple of year's grace to sort it out. The natives are restless, wrongly assuming that there would be a law against sticking one's paid-for property in Trust for a relly and then paying them £30,000 a year to live in what was in fact one's own house in all but name.

It'll be interesting to see how the freehold or leasehold is now disposed of. And in short who profits by how much from the tax payer's largesse, combined with the clever words of Cheshire weaselfolk.


Silent Hunter said...

So THAT'S where Ed Balls & Yvette got the idea from! LOL

Chris Paul said...

Ho ho ho