Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bonfire of the Vanities: Guido Thinks He's On Fire

It's 31 January 1506 deja vu all over again. And Guido thinks he's on fire. With some Gufwittery about Keith Vaz MP getting a peerage or, what's this?, a corner office as his "appropriate award". Let's face it Vaz is proper Committee Chair, Minister, and Whip's Office material; and thence potential life peerage material too ... If he can put together enough solid years of getting things done.

But, although he's done the 20 years needed for a grand pension he is still only 51, is a popular MP in his constituency, and going round the block at least once more would make sense. This would give him the chance to have another substantial job and recover from one or two code breaches and the like.

It's a story. Of course it is. But a bit of a damp squib.

How on earth did the Telegraph get the hand-written note? That might be interesting to know. And how could Buff be so daft as to compose such a form of words, even in haste? Don't answer that one.

GuF also has some "Limo collided with pedestrian" nonsense. In fact a pedestrian walked into an open door, no harm done. But GuF's piece de resistance is that old chestnut about bankrupting the Guardian. One of these days he'll twig that nationalising job or for that matter public information advertising is neither a policy that Tories can run with, nor one that would facilitate the market.

Sweet though that Tim Montgomerie of Conservative Home should rain on GuF's pyre by pointing out that GOOey Osborne is apparently already committed to this line of action. As if! I've commented on this idea before somewhere but can't find it just now. So more anon.


tory boys never grow up said...

Guido is of course an expert in bankruptcy and driving so his words in these areas must be taken with the utmost seriousness! But as he says he never hit anyone while driving.

Btw - not sure I can forgive you for digging up that picture of Cyril Smith and his not so cuddly brother - they had been consigned to a part of my subconscious labelled do not open. But it should serve as a reminder that the LibDems can mutate to any political viewpoint at anytime - a sort of UKIP liberal.

Diablo said...

I have noticed that your usual commitment to excellence in the standard of spelling and editing of your blog have slipped in recent days.

I do hope that you are not over-indulging in any form of substance that may impair your judgement.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts Diablo.

I know it is tough TBNGU but any more thoughts on the non-cuddly nature of the Smith frere would be muchly appreciated.

Letters From A Tory said...

I would have felt a lot happier if Keith Vaz had been put forward for honours BEFORE the 42-day debate. Besides, there are a lot more people in this world who are more deserving of honours than him.

Chris Paul said...

That's true enough LFAT. But certain potentially unpleasant jobs tend to be rewarded, rightly or wrongly, by either party with honours up to and including peerages. And these include whippery. Vaz would also thrive in the Lords I'd say.

Only came across him in action once. Early on in his career. My band featuring a Black British/Jamaican singer and The Bhundu Boys were booked into a hotel in his constituency.

In a No Blacks No Irish moment the hotelier REFUSED the Zimbabwean guys but were happy to take my lot. We all walked away. And Vaz took the hotel to task immediately.

tory boys never grow up said...

Norman Smith always had a reputation as Cyril's enforcer and fixer. There used to be a lot on the pair of them in the long defunct RAP - not sure if anyone has an archive of old copies anywhere.

Chris Paul said...

I imagine there are quite a few sets of the esteemed RAP seeing a fair bit of action just at the moment. One of our local libraries had a press release recently about acquiring a complete run.

Shame it isn't around now*. Rowen and Hennigan would make a gripping dynamic duo to replace the Smiths.

* Anyone interested??