Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cameron: Set To Upset Blue Men With Blue Movies

Is Cam going to reshuffle out Ainsworth and Willets (as well as Spelman) to make more room for women at the top table as the IoS predict? He will surely have to axe Oily Duncan also?


Diablo said...

"..Support for Labour, put at 24 per cent, is the lowest ever recorded by ComRes, which began polling for the IoS in 2004."

There is it again - linked to IoS in your own blog, so it must be true - Labour at another record low in the polls.

I see that latest council elections in Redditch suggest that Jacquie Smith will lose her seat at the next GE but according to the IoS "...although the Prime Minister is being urged to promote new faces in his reshuffle, his weakened leadership means he is wary of sacking... Jacqui Smith, despite difficulties over...knife crime."

Can't wait to see the "new" faces. Are you one of them. Chris?

Chris Paul said...

Ho ho ho Diablo. Worst result on ComRes since 2004. For four years. Again the smallprint is very interesting. It is of course a terrible result. But Major did worse I think and still won.

According to the Dale/Mail book of anecdotal truth knife crime has rocketed since Boris took control. It can only be a matter of time before they tell the electorate this and all becomes well in polling land once more.

Good to see the Indy adding the detail about how long ComRes have existed following comment from this blogger ...