Friday, July 25, 2008

Crying Wolf: Tory Message to Graham Eric Stringer

Graham Stringer's broken record on leadership challenge and the like has now become so entrenched that this Tory Boy placed him - correctly as it goes - ahead of John McDonnell in the "usual suspects list".

That was for this morning's post mortem muttering and grousing. The Tory rates outbursts from either of them as completely meaningless runes-wise.

Graham possibly needs to cast his mind back to his years as Council leader in Manchester and to the advice and anything else he meted out to rebels and mouth-shooter-off-ers back in the day.


Anonymous said...

God his nose is red.

Anonymous said...

But his tongue is not brown.

benchilltory said...


worse than 1983

go now

trust a nulab PC type to make a personal remark about Stringer,

disagree with his views but dont criticse the colour of his skin

Chris Paul said...

The colour of his skin? Where is that in my post BHT? I don't make any personal remarks about my friend Graham at all. But he should remember only too well what it's like to have back stabbers on side. And cease and desist.

It is you anonymous commenters that come out with the personal attacks.

Anonymous said...

I think the party should stick with the PM until next year. With the euro and local elections. These will be bad results. So let him take the pain of the recessions and the by election defeat(s) and euro and local elections then choose a new leader 6 months before the next general election. He seem strong enough to take it.

Chris Paul said...

We don't have local elections here next year ... but your timetable might have merit. And there is also of course the possibility that the reality of a Nu Tory government will hit home and Brwon will instead be on the crest of a rising wave. Last Populus still had 44-42 overall for Labour government over Tories. The Euros may not be sooo bad with the Tory euro-sleaze boat rounding the harbour wall and Tories never more divided on Europe.