Sunday, July 06, 2008

Glasgow East: Margaret Curran to Match Salmond Double?

Andrea takes the NEC By-Election 'arrangements' to task over the Glasgow East delays at LabourHome. Though it's hard to say exactly how these things have come to pass. With devolution and all. Stuff happens. Meanwhile it is a great relief to see a very strong candidate Margaret Curran MSP coming forward. Above she does a bit of a Blears and her personal interests entry is endearing:

In the little personal time she gets, Margaret tries to catch up on reading, which is her great passion. Occasionally she manages to get to concerts and from time to time, the opera. She pretends to have a fleeting knowledge of football, primarily so that she can communicate with her teenage son.

Margaret is also a contender for leader of Scottish Labour as the BBC report, providing the intriguing possibility of both SNP and Labour having MSP/MP doublers at their helms.The experienced parliamentarian also a potential Scottish Office minister. An interesting situation going forward to General Election, Referendum and beyond. Leaders are readers after all. Bike story.


Kevin said...

She seems a very intelligent woman. The sort of woman who will stand up for people:.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Kevin. Cllr Steven Purcell would have been a useful candidate I think but Margaret Curran is even better and could do the double or treble of roles to match Salmond at least until the General Election.

Anonymous said...

I found out labour recentely decided to give 3000 jobs to glasgow with the construction of new aircraft carriers in the city. This should be a good economic argument for them.
Some tories will pretend this is pork barrel politics. In realiy this decision has been planned for years, and had nothing to do with the upcoming by election. In the same contract portsmouth, Rosyth, and barrow in furness were given a huge job boost too. :

Chris Paul said...

Meanwhile the SNP apparently sliced half a million per annum or similar from a Glasgow Science Centre if purely coincidental remarks at PMQs this week are to believed.

Anonymous said...

I live in Glasgow and would be keen to work in the campaign, but I keep reading that Margaret is saying that she won't give up her Holyrood seat if she wins. That would make her a part-time MP for the most deprived constiuency in Scotland, as well as what is now certainly a very marginal seat. I won't come out and work for her if the really intends to be a part timer if elected. She needs to get a grip.

Chris Paul said...

Dear Anonymous 01:06

Could you please provide your name? In an email to me if you are too shy to do so in public. Otherwise to be blunt I'm very sorry but I do not believe your story of wanting to help the campaign etc. Standard trollery. At least you don't claim to be "a lifelong Labour voter, but ..."

Scotland on Sunday have pulled their story saying inter alia that Margaret Curran will remain in Holyrood if she wins, and my own vision of her trebling/quadrupling up - like Salmond- is let's say more of a stick to beat quadrupling Salmond with than an appraisal of what is likely to happen.

I understand that there is another story going round i.e. that John Reid will take on MC's MSP seat so he can batter Salmond. And a certain amount of confusion about boundary changes etc.

We'll just have to wait and see now won't we?


Chris Paul said...

POSTSCRIPT: The Scotland on Sunday story DID NOT say Margaret Curran would double up. It is only the trolls still posting comments under where it used to be that are in fact saying that. The story is cached here and says clearly that Margaret Curran will stand down from SP.