Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mark McDonald: Vote For A Treasurer Who Counts

Whatever else you do in Labour's National Executive Committee Elections I hope you will vote for A Treasurer Who Counts. Sadly I can find no equivalent statement of intent from Sir Jack Dromey.


Anonymous said...

Sir Jack Dromey?

Chris Paul said...

That's what it says. You thing he'll be holding out for the Big P do you?

Though I think Plan A is a safe commons seat at Westminster.

Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Chris - you're a grand chap and I love the posts you put about around the blogosphere but...

(a) Following on from Crewe and Nantwich, just how many "safe Commons seats" are there any more? Perhaps 160 or so less than there were before..?

(b) I can't help feeling that Jack Dromey did feel that he was being set up at the "3 Wise Monkeys Treasurer" (which I blogged a long time ago) but I would hope he would have more pride than to be bought off so easily.

Wouldn't you?

Feel free to come over to my apology for a blog and argue with my postings any time.

Chris Paul said...

I did consider putting "safe Commons seats" in inverted commons as you have, as it was indeed an ironic comment. Though it ain't over etc and Sir Jack is definitely sniffing. The Vaz seat perhaps wouldn't do for him, but something will come up. And I do think the tide will turn, depending to a large extent on the ratio of "certain to votes" among our crew.