Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Martin Johnson: Wields the Axe on Senior Squad

Martin Johnson has named England Rugby Union's A and B squads report BBC Sport, but Red Top editors will be looking closely at the selections for clues on the names of the Auckland Four.

Those demoted from the A squad without having had all out nightmares on the field are forwards Joe Worsley and Ben Kay plus Mike Tindall, who has been a captain tip. Charlie Hodgson is dropped past the B squad and DID have a 'mare in the first test.


Diablo said...

Since when have you been interested in "Enland" Rugby Union, Chris? The four players you have identified as "dropped" are the least likely ones to have been involved non-event in the Hilton Hotel in Aukland. What's your point? They're all Conservative supporters? They are all "sleazey"?

We should be told!

Chris Paul said...

Are they all conservative supporters? Really?? Hee hee hee. This post is a bit of wind up for the MSM - even the BBC were loosely linking the droppages to the Auckland events.

Martin Johnson has said clearly that all his 32 and indeed 64 are of good character, a league of gentlemen, and I don't think Hodgson couldn't have been dropped, as unlike when he plays for my local club Sale, he's a bit of a bottler.

He was most excellent against Gloucester which I saw with my own eyes and "Saxon" Ben Foden, sadly departed for Northampton, will not be long in the reserve squad IMO.

If you look back through the archives you will find further coverage of Rugby Union including even live blogging IIRC.

Ever so sorry about dropping the g.