Thursday, July 10, 2008

Politics Home Phi 5000: Davis Fails Miserably

Politics Home Phi 5000 bring some home truths back to bite the Tory Clown Prince David Davis. He was the future once. Here's how his unpopularity (red) and popularity (green) have moved since he resigned:

And here is the giant shift in public opinion on the 42-days detention without trial single issue he was determined to rock single handedly:

While we were there we also picked up this double whammy of terrible news for Dave "Sleazeboy" Cameron and the whole Torry Canyon oil slick crew of Torydom:

Top chart; Nanny Spelman's fall from grace to disgrace. Bottom: Rating for Tories as "Corrupt" is still booming.

Hat tip for Davis story: Westmonster.


Toby said...

It just gets worse and worse for DD, doesn't it?

It seems that a friend who helped set up his website doesn't support his stance on ID cards either:

Chris Paul said...

Cheers Toby I'll take a look ... Meanwhile the Tory boy bloggers have been falling out on this one ...