Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ray Lewis: "That's Beneath Even You, Jon" (Snow)

Now there's a turn up for the books. The first of Boris Johnson's "Deputy Mayors" Ray Lewis is facing a variety of accusations. That he has been suspended as a priest. That he is party to some financial exploitation of a former co-worker and of a young man with learning difficulties. That he once uttered a worthless cheque to a departing Nigerian man at Heathrow Airport.

Jon Snow even asked him this evening about: "Sexual misdemeanours". Lewis denied everything, including things he admitted later in the same interview. In Lewis' pay off, the under fire former clergyman/prison governor/head teacher rebuked Snow for his summing up: "That's beneath even you, Jon." It is the current Bishop of Barking and the Bishop of Chelmsford who appear to be throwing the first stones.

Update 21:25, 21:35: Times Online has more here. Lewis told the Mirror today that: "They are malicious in their attempt to smear me." and "I became aware of this growing conspiracy quite a while ago." Yet he told Channel 4 News that the allegations had been sprung on him TODAY. (Interview below).

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