Saturday, August 09, 2008

Guido's Flock o Geese: ... More Fools Than Wise

GuF has no sense of humour or at best a rather weak and cruel semblance. Gordon Brown joked at a literary event that he was "the result of a failed experiment" or words to that effect. The experiment being going to university at 16, a year early by the Scottish standards of the day.

Desperate to boost his reputation as a man of "high" culture GuF goes on to comment on the background music too. Says it was The Dying Swan as it goes. Lovely. LOL offer the lyrics of The Silver Swan as a rejoinder to Mr GuF and his ovine retinue of witless brain dead squawking swear geese:

The Silver Swan

The silver swan,
. who living had no note,
When death approach'd,
. unlock'd her silent throat;
Leaning her breast
. against the reedy shore,
Thus sung her first and last, and sung no more.
Farewell, all joys; O Death, come close mine eyes;
More geese than swans now live, more fools than wise.

-- Orlando Gibbons

The immortal first "Swan Song", rocking the chart in 1612. One of my all time favourites. Background at the excellent Minstrels site.
Musical automaton, Bowes Museum.

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