Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Roger Alton: Newspapers Not Dead = Correct

Iain's wrong about this too. The Guardian has more than 50 times the readership and is more likely by far to generate incoming links than the best link bait on Iain Dale's Diary.


Iain Dale said...

Point me towards where I have said newspapers are dead, or likely to be. it's not my view. My blogpost related to Alton's very strange defence of his position. Are you desperate for stories today? Seems so.

Dirty Euro: said...

Iain dale has questions to answer over cocaine abuse by leadingt tories. How can they be trusted to fix a broken society if they visit brothels and take cocaine.

Diablo said...

Oh dear! dirty euro has obviously failed to take his prescribed medication yet again.

Nevertheless, how will you deal with this, Chris? An allegation has been made about leading Tories over drug abuse and paying for sex. Will you pass on these revelations to the tabloid press - in the same way you persued the Flying Lion story?

The blogging world awaits with bated breath.

Dirty Euro said...

Flying lion is that cocaine version of a pink elephant.