Saturday, August 02, 2008

So So: Conservatives Pimp & Pump Another Poll

Tim at Bloggerheads has a blow by blow account of Tory poll shenanigans by one Duncan Sandes who was until his "promotion" to a Tory Press Officer a journalist on the very newspaper whose poll he tried - rather successfully - to pimp and pump. But discrete he was not.

Tim draws comparisons to Grant 1234 Shapps impersonating Manchester's Cllr Abid Chohan - then a Lib Dem, now returned to Labour - who Shapps had urging Ealing Southall Lib Dems that the game was up and that they should support the Tory. Shapps also had Abid (Labour) saying "I really hate Labour"! And Tim also links to a local newspaper poll pimped by and indeed apparently swamped by sleazy Conservatives in Guildford. Same old same old. So So these Tories.

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