Friday, August 22, 2008

Sports Politics: Disappointed and Mouthy Thugs

Strange stuff. The blessed Guardian followed the Mail in reporting a GB boxer scandal allegation - four months after the supposed events - and has stealth edited, including in standfirst, to put the story in its place as a non-runner. Before the Guardian posted this the Press Officer of the Amateur Boxing Association had told Radio Five Live that this was an old and probably fairly erroneous story. But still the Grauniad, BBC etc ran with this thin story.

The boxing community is apparently full of disappointed but mouthy thugs who don't support the powers that be. Somethingly like political parties we have known. Though the smear of lewd behaviour is generally less likely there. The GB powers that be meanwhile qualified boxers eight weights and scored one Gold and two Bronzes, versus one weight and one Silver in 2004, even without the too lardy but photogenic Frankie Gavin (Chris Thomond/Guardian pic above).

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