Thursday, September 04, 2008

Charles Clarke: What Does He Think He's Doing?

What was it Rochdale Lib Dem Agent Dave Shenanigan said last week about The New Statesman? When it rained on Sir Cyril Smith's Victory Parade?

Never mind. Clearly in the parallel universe that he inhabits Charles Clarke is the future and very much a contender. Though out of his intense personal modesty he'll probably shun the top job and let someone else have a go.

And not some fucked off, grumpy ex-Minister gobshite as that Cllr Luke Akehurst suggests, in terms. "Clarkie" has no hinterland in the party and he is doing well to be described in news reports as "former Home ecretary" when he hardly had the job for a week. Oh, alright then, a year and a bit. With a couple of resignation offers along the way.

Actually that may have been unfair bad luck. But so it goes. It's the politics stoopid! Events, dear boy, events.

Where is Clarke going with this?

Nowhere. However thoughtful and well-intentioned this piece may be taken altogether; and I'm not saying it is either of those things; it was clear that in the current climate this contribution would be of no help to Clarke's declared aim. Au contraire.

Luke is upset of course by any truculence, he has a fine track record of opposing all such truculence and sectarianism, but most of all Luke, as a nuclear- and arms- apologist by trade, is appalled by Clarke's opposition to Trident-replacement. Which is far and away the best thing the hubristic onanist in chief had to splurge onto the scene in the eve of publication blether.

This morning as the mag hits the mats Clarke of course offers Brown a bottle of Scotch and a loaded revolver in his tour of the newsrooms. To leave with honour.

There is a chance that he'd have been better using Business Post couriers as Brown could raise a rare cheer for us all by shooting the beardy weirdy old grump dead. 99% of the Labour Party would rally round cheering for this right Charlie's wake. Clarke's wiki shows that this outburst is close to the two-year anniversary of his last major bout of toy throwing. They're looking for an image for that page. Perhaps Tim Ireland of could oblige?


Anonymous said...

Charles Clarke has done no one in the party any favours. He has only helped the toriers. He will prbably defect soon.

Chris Paul said...

No he'll not defect. And if the Party unites against him and the people of the UK see that then he may even have done us a favour.

Alistair Darling interview = massive
Charles Clarke wobble = triomphe

The Tories seem a bit thin on the ground just now in fact.

Perhaps people in general are realising that the sky is not falling on their heads and they will get through. That the Tories and the MSM are just miserable and just unreasonable?

Ted Foan said...

Perhaps......but Clarke is definitely not a Tory. He is just pointing out the bleedin' obvious: Brown is a liability to the country and his party. He's going to have to go - one way or another.

The choice is: does he step down and give someone else a chance to rebuild or does he hang on and see the Labour Party become a rump in 2010?

Anonymous said...

I am fed up with diahorea politics.
People who demand we have to choose a new leader now or else. Why!
We can choose a newleader in years time after the recession which would be abetter time for anew leader to take over. Before a reccession is an insane time to take over.

Anonymous said...

Recession? I though it was just a credit crunch.