Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Comedy Central: Another Take on Veep Palin

Hat tip for this one to Alice Fishburn at Comment Central. Makes a pair with this one we ran earlier. But this woman has, wait for it, 80% approval ratings. Tim at Bloggerheads thinks he's tracked back the various Palin pregnancy mysteries to some deliberate fire starters. On Senator Magoo's team perhaps?

Though it must be said that I continue to blame Iain Dale. And I'd point to a lot of assertions that the "case to answer" predates this troll by many months. There was already a "she's not pregnant" meme doing the rounds in Alaska ... trolls say so so it must be true ... or was there?


Anonymous said...

Dear Chris,
Commenters are pining on Iain's blog for your take on the OECD report. Please oblige, it would make for a more balanced discussion.

Chris Paul said...

Are they really? I think I gave that early doors last night. Take a look at the interviews with the OECD man who talked down the problem. Which was of course the spark that caused the UK MSM to start talking it up. Which is pathetic.

Chris Paul said...

I've now made up for a missing post in spades my dear anon. Go, enjoy.