Tuesday, September 23, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Toxic Cyril Asks For Head of Toxic Dave

The Toxic dark knight Sir Cyril Smith MBE, the bottie smacker and bollock weigher of the Spodden Valley, has communicated his strongest wish that the Toxic David Drunkagain be removed from any dealings with the Smith household and scandals pertaining thereto.

Recommending also that the Lib Dem franchise as a whole gets rid of the tax payers most toxic parliamentary employee.

Here at Labour of Love we will be standing shoulder to shoulder with young Hennigan who must not in any circumstances be scapegoated over asbestos deals, sexual abuse and so on that took place before Toxic Dave was even born.


Anonymous said...

Is Dave really that stupid?
Young Hennighan, a mover, shaker and photo taker that has spun murky stories in Rochdale for councillors and Paul Rowen MP.

Did Dave honestly not know any of the claims of a very serious criminal nature about Cyril?

Dave put Cyril in the limelight in a highly humiliating 80th birthdaay bash. He used an old man for cheap political advantage.

Many Liberal supporters knew some of the rumours about Cyril but given the clims were so horrible decided to turn a blind eye and keep it out of the public eye. The Rochdale Observer are still trying to cover this up still. But Dave has spun Cyril into a hole that he cannot ascape from. A spin doctor only has the credibility to call a favour and kill a story once or twice. Waste the get out of jail cards and its all over.

Some who Dave had lied to to kill past stories have now cottoned on. Dave's reputation is in tatters.

"He who is without sin cast the first stone" suggested the spin doctor's line to protect the bully Smith.

Sinners would not be blackmailed or bullied anymore. What some might have done is nothing compared to Cyril Smith, pervert, corrupt moneyhandler, convicted criminal and political blackmailer.

The dam was broken and the brickbats are burying Cyril Smith.

A very silly David Hennighan made the worst judgement call ever.


Anonymous said...

Cyril doesn't ask. Cyril demands. And what Cyril wants, Cyril gets.

He who pays the piper...

Anonymous said...


Chris Paul said...

Tone of voice can be a hard thing to do on t'interweb. But in all seriousness, though Dangerous Dave is culpable for sticking up for the sordid Smith, and though it is clearly wrong for parliamentary allowances to be used to fund what is a 99.9% party political operation no one wants anyone to be losing their job because of pissing off the old groper of Rochdale town.

Chris Paul said...

PS Saving jobs in the town was always Cyril's watchword ... particularly after he was dragged into the head teacher's office at Turner's to be informed of the consequences if he were to come over all spanky on the corporate asses.

Anonymous said...

Is Dave has been naughty then why doesn't Cyril just administer his own personal style of corporal punishment?

Keeps it out of the courts, even if Dave is perfectly innocent.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Cyril is having the last laugh with T&N.

He is a canny operator and now realises that they kept documents that damages him.

But does Cyril have the power to spill the beans on T&N.

Proper brinkmanship.

Only time will tell

Chris Paul said...

"spill the beans on T&N"?


"They paid me £500,000" for example. That'd keep him quiet. Or ...

"They said they'd bubble me for years of sexual gropings and slappages if I did not take the bosses' line. Against the evidence."

We won't.