Sunday, September 28, 2008

Right Wing Round Up: Kelly, Shagnasty, LD Hypocrite

Iain Martin who was not in Manchester when the Transport Minister's not-a-surprise future retirement from cabinet - NB NOT resignation, how very dare you - because of the wrong sort of leaves on the track. In fact he had already been exploiting Kelly's superior transport network in fleeing south.

One question that arises from his fairly accurate but fictional account. What were the rival elected members, W/HAG/Bs, groupies, wonks and wonkettes doing buying their own beer so early on the last evening of conference? Michael Grade was still personally supervising an endless supply of rough bottled beers and smooth wines at the ITV Bash a short stagger along the corridors of power.

Labour Students had provided a strictly media free oasis at the well known drinking and dancing hole for young socialists known as Brannagans. And not to be outdone IPPR had apparently provided gyrating transvestites, or very stubbly ladies, to go with their bar-gesse at the nearby hell hole that is Bar 38.

Naturally Hazel Blears would seek to promote a 24 hour cash and carry providing employment in her nearby constituency, but what would be the point when the place was swilling with free drink already.

Hat tip: Guido who also has a Conservative Future wideboy outed as Mr Disgusting Shagnasty, and Lib Dem Lord Oakeshott throwing stones from glass houses. They're landing well short.


Anonymous said...

And not to mention:

Sir Ronald Cohen of International Asset Management (and also taken over from Lord Levy as the Prime Minoster's persnal fund-raiser and banker)

Sushil Wadhawni (Tudor Proprieatary Trading LLc LLC and Wadaawni Asset Management)

Gild Hayeem (of, er, Lehman Brothers, presumbaly now not of Lehman Brothers)

And definitely not to mention Jon Aisbitt - manager of the UK's largest hedge funs and co-host of a dinner held by the Labour Party in January at which major finaciers were invited to dine and to speak with Cabinet Minisetrs.

part of the invitation read "the Government is mid-term and in the process of preparing and planning for the next general election and would appreciate an opportunity to “discuss ideas and campaign proposals”."

Who could refuse?

Chris Paul said...

Er, obvious to me and three EHC and indeed to Guido at the link - with a rather petty attack on Hilary Benn - but not apparently to the Lib Dem Lord Oakeshott. Throwing his toys. It must be said that the current Tory pretenders are by far and away the most "in bed" with hedgie shorters. Wouldn't you say? Cameron's own mates, Osborne's own mates, specifically taking the Mick in the current shorting business.

Whoever is in power and wishes to be needs to consider the city and business generally. But £70,000 per week per yacht booze cruises in the company of the same people who are willing to rip the economy is different from taking a few bob from the odd serious specimen of the industry?

Just maybe?

PS Is it right that EHC has become a bit of a group identity these days?? We are legion and all that?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I came across the story in The Times. And you haven't come anywhere near explaining the gist of the invitation to the dinner which seems to imply "cough up some cash and help write the next Labour manifesto."

On your other point, I wish this was a group effort. It started out as an exercise in, as the Americans say, "trying to keep you honest". So you'll see that's it's a full time job.

Ted Foan said...

No one really hates you, Chris, they just find you silly and faintly amusing ....but also so irritating they like to bait you so you become even more ridiculous.

Of course, you lap it up. Muppet, I think is the expression?

Chris Paul said...

I be kermit

Anonymous said...

It's not easy being green!

Chris Paul said...

Indeed. Or blue, or red, and especially not a yellow-bellied frog in Rochdale, the asbestos and bottie-spanking capital of East Lancs.

On the question of other people using your identity EHC ... which you deny ... are you saying you were responsible for the countdown in comments on this post after Hennigan or one of his Merry Merkins published an attack on my family?

If so I thought you were better than that. If not you need to protect your "identity" as it is being abused.

Anonymous said...

It was indeed I that posted the 'countdown' comment.

I was making the point that I thought the comment immediately above mine was inflammatory and designed to provoke a repsonse.

I thought it had been an unwarranted remark and if I had been able to remove it myself I would have done so.

I don't think the comment was any worse than many that you make yourself. For example, quite how you manage to bring in Cyril Smith into a thread about hedge funds donating to party finances is beyond me. I think you are obsessing, dear boy.

However, back to the point. I disapprove of the comment that was made about your family. Nobody is posting on my behlaf. Got that?

And I apologise if you thought I was being flippant or supportig what had been said.

Yours singularly

PS Channel 4 tonight 20.00

Chris Paul said...

Unfortunately this post is neither really about Hedge Funds nor about Cyril. It was a bit of a round up of right wing nastiness starting with demon drink and Torygraph and Times commentati on that matter.

Plus Tory sleaze and Lib Dem double standards.

You are the one who took it off the generality to force the hedgie issue onto it. And once we'd got to kermit, green and from me other colours it's not an obsessive move to stick one in the Rochdale Lib Dems who cannot find it easy being yellow at this moment.

Anonymous said...

I was merely following up your comment about glass houses and stones that you posted at the start of this thread.

My contribution was to point out that on this matter the Labour Party are certainly living "in vitro".