Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rochdale's Dark Satanic Schools: Knowl View

'Twas a comment on this post which raised the spectre of Knowl View Special School, Rochdale. In connection with the allegations of shenanigans aka "smacking a few bare bottoms" (David Steel) involving one Sir Cyril Smith MBE at Cambridge House. That hostel for young working men, far from their homes had opened and closed before Knowl View arrived on the scene. And this Knowl View - a school for eight to 16 year olds with special educational needs - was finally closed following a fire in the 1990s.

The Independent on Sunday ran a thorough investigation on the damned place archived here. Even the reticent Rochdale Observer covered the matter as allegations emerged reprising the headlines here in 2007 on publication of yet another Rochdale expose/memoir. With this opening further floodgates.

Clearly there are archives of the school's bare statistics, for example here and here. We'll add more anon.

UPDATE 22:24: The only Hansard reference to this hell hole I can find is here, as reproduced below.


Robert said...

Doctor in Llanelli sadly only six years. whistle blower.

I was a patient in the hospital in Llanelli, I was in a ward which had a number of sub wards out of seventeen patients I was the only one who was an NHS, all the other sixteen were private. I was then sent to another hospital because the private doctor wanted my bed. She wrote an article in the local paper and was sent home on the aptly called gardening leave.

Chris Paul said...

Six years gardening leave for a hospital doctor on full pay is pretty good going Robert, thank you.

As you may have guessed I have a report of one that is substantially longer than that, and ongoing.

Though, ahem, this quiz belongs on the post before this one.

Anonymous said...

To revert to your comments on this section - I see no mention of the original "Operation Goldfinch" an enquiry into child molesting in Welsh Medium Language Schools in Wales.

Cover up ? Never !


Anonymous said...

Cleopatra commin back atcha!

Chris Paul said...

Cleopatra? Anon 00:23, What's your line?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they mean GMP's Operation Cleopatra.

Thing is, given the known Freemason and Rotarian skullduggery on Rochdale matters that happened "oh so long ago", this is now a matter for the NCS or security services.

Deep, dark territory.

Chris Paul said...

Ahhh, operation Cleopatra. I see.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Cyril was somehow involved in the plotting by international capital and the brothers to discredit Wilson, Thorpe, Heath, Blah, Blah and Blah?

Did Wilson provide protection, as for alleged hound murder conspiracist Jezzer, for Sir Cyril too?

Anonymous said...

Interesting point Anon 17:32.

I suppose the difference between a daft conspiracy and the truth is a backed up papertrail.

Cyril loves to bully and suggest there are skeletons in t'cubbord to keep order.

It worked for decades but no more.

When considering the shennighans of a Lib Lab pact almost 40 years ago no-one really gives a flying fuck.

However, watching people die in the 21st century from the meddling Cyril orchestrated years ago is important.

Cancer and sexual abuse has no sell by date no matter how long ago it was.

Chris Paul said...

Actually anon 23:25 I do give one about any such conspiracy and cover up. As we all know Wilson was worried about being stitched up. Some say he extended protection to Thorpe and Heath and others as he sought to protect himself.

Question must be what's the limit of madness that achieves a cover up sanctioned on cross party basis? Then and now. And how did the stakes change from when Cyril was first elected and the time when he departed - when the press club was ripe with stories of various MPs? And what's the story these days.

Anonymous said...

Knowl View school has been obliterated by a housing estate.

The school was demolished and the site was sold to a local family of property developers.

No doubt all above board, unlike what went on when a home for troubled youngsters.

So Rochdale has a track record of burying shameful acts under the foundations of profitable housing estates.

But what are the Cyril Smith connections?

Anonymous said...

Cyril Smith wasn't an MBE at the time he was spanking bottoms and squeezing testicles at Cambridge House in the early 1960's.

He was made an MBE in 1966 whilst a Labour Alderman before going Independent then Liberal.

Anonymous said...

Yes but he was a fully fledged Liberal MP when carried on his late night shenanighans.

The bromide or whatever didn't touch the sides of this 30 stone pervert. The drugs just didn't work.

That is the thing about Cyril Smith. Sheer bloody minded arrogance that made him think that he could get away with his evil acts without censure.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

At first glance on the Rochdale Online headlines tonight no doubt many though that justice had finally been done.

"Rochdale sex offender on the run".

False alarm. Different pervert.

Looks like paedo vicars can't be talked about on Rochdale Online either. Very strange.

Would this happen in Royston Vasey?

Anonymous said...

"Yes but he was a fully fledged Liberal MP when carried on his late night shenanighans."

Oh no he wasn't. If I have got the chronology correct for all these allegations he was neither a Liberal nor an MP. Nor was he expelled from the Labour Party as has been cited elsewhere. Why not?