Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Saturday Conference: Where Would You Visit?

If you were Gordon Brown this fine sunny Manchester day what sights would you take in during your first morning? I'd go to the Labour success story that it the Christie Trust in Manchester Withington - subject of a Lib Dem Closure Hoax in 2005 - and perhaps take a look at the local community hospital in the same constituency. And if time allowed I'd pop up to Rochdale to look at the fine mess created by Sir Cyril, Squire Dave, and geography teacher Paul.

Time to switch on 24 Hour News and find out where Team GB have actually decided to begin their day. Having presumably been up at five doing a spot of personal telephone canvassing?

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Chris Paul said...

Wrong wrong wrong, all of you. Old Moat Children's Centre, with Harriet. Miliband D also in our manor, John Denham and Dougie Alexander to boot. Almost a quorum.