Friday, October 03, 2008

Cameron the Cowboy Builder: Rupa Plays By Rules

Rupa Huq likes Cameron as Bob the Builder but News International are spoilsports and won't let her use "their" image she says. My understanding is that in a 'rag out', like the one above, no permission is needed. Miles will probably advise on that. It is a bizarre image though. Perhaps News International are ashamed of it? Perhaps they paid a fortune to clear it from the image owners HIT Entertainment and Keith Chapman (Warning: loud, rhythmic, repetitive Bob the Builder music at this link, may cause convulsions).


Miles said...

In my day we cut jagged-edges round our rag outs.
I'm not sure if that was a legal requirement.
Any one of the pics on that illustration could be owned by someone who wanted to enforce their copyright.
But they probably wont.

Chris Paul said...

Indeed. I'm not sure why Rupa asked for permission really. The rag out advertises them anyway. Generous!

Anonymous said...

I didn't ask the other Rupey babes for permission but a weird pop-up things appeared everytime I clicked on it. I am no technical whizz and as you know any sort of pic on my blog is a rarity/bonus but hats off to you for managing to display it.

Chris Paul said...

I'll give you a lesson sometime Roops ... have you got t'interweb at your house yet? You should be able to click on my image and then edit in in wordpress to the image you desire.