Friday, October 17, 2008

The Friday Cyril: Wednesday's Rochdale Obbie Postbag

Something is afoot down Rochdale Observer way. We have received iron clad 100% insider information that the RO postbag is running massively against Cyril Smith, against Norman Smith, against Asbestos lies, against current Lib Dem praise for the whole sick crew. And the Wednesday postbag was running 10-2 against Cyril these last three weeks i.e. somethingly reflecting the volume, unlike Saturday's effort which was at a completely false 50:50. this being the major edition of the week.

This week Wednesday turned to 50:50 too. Though it must be said that the pro-Cyril missives still look like ghost-written nonsense. What is going on? Come on Rochdale Observer: as your grown up cousin The Guardian says, Facts are Sacred but Comment is Free. Please come on here and comment on your part in the Cyril Smith / TBA cover up.

Above we hear from my friend Tom Stott who is a former Rochdale councillor, former TBA employee and current community activist and Trade Unionist.

Here on the right we have a most extraordinary lauding of Sir Cyril Smith MBE as a "honourable man". Don't make us laugh "Frances Deakin". Below (left) we see Cyril's rabid brother Norman put very much in his place. The devious, dishonest, disreputable old cadger that he is. Though we're not sure where the idea of Rowen being anything but in favour of the MMC homes on asbestos dust proposals came from.

And finally below (right) we have another apologia for TBA apparently doing "everything possible", though at least with the good sense to stand against new housing on the asbestos tip.

POSTSCRIPT: Perhaps today's "Saturday" Postbag will include the proper 5-1 or 7-1 ration of letters condemning Cyril and his cronies? Don't hold your breath.


Anonymous said...

For weeks, the Rochdale Observer must have seen the T&N documents on this blogs site and Rochdale Online. They are original documents that show irrefutible facts.

That T&N knew of the serious health risks over 80 years ago and the cancer risks over 60 years ago.
That PR compnaies were used to spin lies. That Cyril Smith played a key part in Parliament and as part of a concerted media campaign to create doubt and breathing space to carry on making shameless profits for a few more years.

Why hasn't the Rochdale Observer allowed its reader to see these documents?

Instead it has allowed misguided and uninformed yet loyal people to voice their opinions rather than state facts.

Everyone is entitited to an opinion provided it doesn't hurt anyone. But when the newspaper has access to the facts then why does it allow doubt and dubious opinions to be perpetuated?

Very, very odd.

Chris Paul said...

It is indeed. Have the decision takers been positively vetted? Or do they have dark secrets for Cyril to exploit?