Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hurrah: Lib Dem Liverpool Had No Money At Risk

PHEW! I'm hearing that Lib Dem run Rochdale Council didn't have any money in Icelandic Banks - hurrah! And I'd be surprised if Lib Dem Liverpool had anything on deposit in the land of the dodgy geyser. That's because they have approximately 50 pence of liquidity at any one time, and a rapidly growing debt to boot.

Largely due to some grandstanding, bribing Council Tax freezes that the city simply could not afford on any level. And quite a lot of fiddling while Rome burns.


Iain Lindley said...

...and how many Labour Councils are in the same boat Chris? Salford's reserves are down to the bare bones.

Chris Paul said...

Liverpool's are negligible. I don't have the figures for Salford. Perhaps you do? Will be better than the less than a million i.e. less than a day of Liverpool I'd wager. And the was it £60 Million cuts budget to break even this year? Something like that.