Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Iain Dale: Wrong-Headed Spinning for Dotty Dorries

The sooner this parliamentarian is promoted the happier I'll be. If Iain Dale's ridiculous spin helps in any way, so be it.

Dotty Dorries does not have the faintest appreciation of honesty or consistency. She placed herself as the pro-choice candidate in Hazel Grove in 2001. She was a Director of BUPA - who provide termination services - until they showed her the door. I'm not sure she has any mandate from mid-Narnia to be an anti-choice MP. And she has persistently lied on this issue and on most everything else in Mid-Narnia and her fantasy life to date.

Let's see the sparkling Nadine Dorries promoted to the cabinet shadow cabinet as soon as possible.


things can only get bitter said...

Another Iain Dale post by you now that's a shocker.
Just come out and admit it Chris you fancy him don't you?

Chris Paul said...

But sadly we're both married ... Seriously, what do you make of his unseemly Dorries fixation? She's a fibbing thicko, yet he worships the ground she walks on, which is rather strange don't you think?