Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Indispensable George Osborne?: Time For Change

The Tory Diary editorial on Ten Good Things about Gideon met with a double edged first comment. Suggested initially that these good points did not add to a case for being Chancellor-in-waiting.

More a case of being a suitable replacement for Caroline Spelman. Though then again if that includes sleaze policing such a move might not help.

Then the same commenter, one Malcolm Dunn, bravely suggests that as the CCHQ denial is so vehement they believe Nathan Rothschild is lying. Others characterise this as a Mandelson plot, when in fact it was Osborne and his crew of muppets who attacked Mandelson who has in fact respected the discretion Mr Rothschild expects around private gatherings.

There's talk, from Davis-ites I'd wager, of GOO to Chair, Hague to shadow Treasury, Davis to shadow Foreign Affairs. Can Cameron afford the upsets? Can he afford not to act?


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