Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lib Dems: Councillor in Racial and Homophobic Slur

Drunken councillor who has been to a "works leaving do" spends three hours in pubs and three hours in an all-you-can-drink-for-a-tenner club and surprise surprise ends up rat arsed. He then proceeds in a northerly direction to the 24 hour Tescos at Portwood, Stockport in an attempt to get a carry out. Security guards tell him he's had enough. He gets abusive, including racially to a police constable. And on being arrested he calls the police officer "a homosexual".

Manchester Evening News reports on what seems a thoroughly inadequate sentence.

This reminds me of another drunken Lib Dem councillor or rather ex-councillor of my acquaintance who has also had trouble telling the difference between a cheeky banter and wind up and out and out racism.

Pictorial clue (left). Councillor Christian Walker (above) apparently works for Chris Davies MEP as a 'phone canvasser.

UPDATE Wed 8:49: The Daily Telegraph report that (a) the drunken leaving party was for a colleague at Chris Davies' office where he worked as a researcher; (b) Chris Davies MEP has made some "boys will be boys" comments; (c) Christian Walker now works for the Lib Dem region, arguably much the same difference; (d) the Councillor is on some kind of suspension. Who was Christian Walker's accomplice? Was it the leaver themselves?

UPDATE Thu 11:21: A rumour is gathering momentum that Cllr Walker's late night accompaniment was none other than ex-Councillor Dave Hennigan, Paul Rowen MP's full time Political Organiser, though paid by the taxpayer as a constituency worker. He was or is a member in Stockport through his home in the Heatons. Now in Heywood we believe. Can anyone confirm the identity of the second Tesco drunk?


Anonymous said...

Former Catholic choirboy Dave H's WKD outbursts weren't racism, they were post-modern irony.
What do you expect when a good friend of Cyril Smith was Bernard Manning?

Chris Paul said...

WKD outbursts? Not sure I'm aware of that incident or incidents. Mine was in the Members' Room in Manchester Town Hall, in front of the person he was insulting, and also various witnesses.

Dave did seem drunk/intoxicated. And other Lib Dems were using exactly the same expression about him at around the same time. Including on the day of his elder brother's funeral.

Disrespectful, racist "banter" from childish Lib Dems.


This one simply shows a bunch of toffs in the process of drinking industrial quantities of spirits. (Other people from other parties getting drunk - how dreadful)

Drunken councillor who has been to a "works leaving do" spends three hours in pubs and three hours in an all-you-can-drink-for-a-tenner club and surprise surprise ends up rat arsed. He then proceeds in a northerly direction to the 24 hour Tescos at Portwood, Stockport in an attempt to get a carry out. (Other people from other parties getting drunk - how dreadful)

But we then had a fine weekend back in Manchester, spent mostly in the Clynes Wine Bar, now strangely themed as an Irish Pub (it was a real one before, potcheen and all) and renamed the Cavendish. (Me getting drunk - that's alright though)


Chris Paul said...

Dear Stupid Idiot, or Eejit Dave

You're so sharp you might cut yourself. Oooh, you have done.

I did not get drunk. One does not keep winning pool matches for hours if one gets drunk. I did not say I did get drunk. I said I spent some time in the pub with my friends. It is perfectly possible to do this without getting into a disgusting state.

I'm not however even suggesting I've never been drunk, which statement could be considered hypocritical by someone who didn't understand the nature of the criticism of the Bullingdon Brothers or the Lib Dem arseholee.

I certainly did not either trash any restaurants or racially insult a police officer before going on to call him gay on my way to the cells, court and conviction.

These are the things for which these folk get criticised. And when Hennigan gets falling over drunk or pisses in doorways in plain view of the people of Rochdale or slumps stupefied with a kebab in hand outside his office or gets into a car with strangers or goes to sleep in his office only to be reported to and investigated by the police then I'll be reporting that, yes.

And when he calls a rival candidate who happens to be Bangladeshi "Kebab Boy" I'll be reporting that too.

The fact that he's paid to do dirty politics using tax payers money being the public interest in that.

The Bullingdons are now in some cases in that same position. And so is Councillor Walker.

Over and out.

Everybody Hates Chris said...

Couldn't agree with you more about the Stockport councillor, Chris. Atrocious behaviour. Totally unacceptable from anyone, let alone an elected representative.

One small quibble, though. I was led to believe (by you, I think) that everybody had the right to go to appeal before you got the right to splash them all over your website as a homophobe.

Chris Paul said...

This guy is not appealing however. Not in any sense of the word. That's one difference here. This chappy admits racist utterance, and he admits a homophobic remark. he thinks they are just having a laugh. A bit of banter.

You are a clot. Do not pass go. Do not collect £200.

Everybody Hates Chris said...

So when are we going to get the "Chris Paul going over" for any other councillor that has been convicted of homophobia, with or without an appeal?

Chris Paul said...

It's there. Long ago. Muppet. Boring muppet at that. Where's your photoshopping hoemwork??

Everybody Hates Chris said...

If you could provide a link to your previous unmaskings of homophobis councillors .....

And what has photoshopping got to do with any of this?

Chris Paul said...

Did you have anyone in mind you tease?

Everybody Hates Chris said...


Chris Paul said...

Well try a blog search then you utterly boring and utterly cowardly individual you.

Everybody Hates Chris said...

I have done. And what an utterly unedifying experiece it was. I had to go and wash my hands.

Chris Paul said...

GTF you soft lad ...

Everybody Hates Chris said...

I did a blog search using a relevant name. 35 hits. I read all of them. Not one comes anywhere near saying what you claim to have said.

So, where have you hidden it? You can tell me. Nobody's listening.

Either that or just FRO.

Everybody Hates Chris said...

Your evasion followed by silence have been far more instructional and eloquent than you have ever been.