Monday, October 06, 2008

McCain-Palin Victory: United States Would Be So Over

Tom Harris sees one and only one plus side to a Palin victory:

The only plus-side to a McCain presidency is that America would have a VP who was just as entertaining as Dan (Just Say Noe) Quayle, though, admittedly, more dangerous.

The other thing(s) of course would be that the USA would immediately become a complete and utterly globalised laughing stock. They'd be done for as the one and only super power. The good sense and judgement of their people would be derided the world over. And no one would ever follow their pair of mavericks into an unjust war.

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Anonymous said...

I seem to remember at least one Prime Minister and his Chancellor who followed the current pair of mavericks into an unjust (illegal) war.

After Bush/Cheney, McCain/Palin would probably be an improvement - nowhere near enough of one, but still an improvement - especially with reference to Cheney.