Friday, October 17, 2008

Moving On: "Broken Society" Piffle to "Broken Economy"

David Cameron really is an empty vessel now isn't he? Piffle, piffle, piffle. Come on Dave. Just point us to our Conservative sister parties that have not found their respective countries in similar straits? Generally speaking without the paddle to get them out of the creek of the irresponsible speculators and lenders making.

Just over twelve months ago things had been going rather well. We were only just discovering then that the "brilliant new wheeze" invented by runaway capitalists in the USA and fallen on greedily by runaway capitalists in this country and worldwide was in fact a conjuring trick involving impossibly bad loans. 100%-plus mortgages to NINJAs - No Income No Job or Assets.

Essentially these were YOUR people Dave. Taking the Michael. And putting OUR people, the working poor, in the proverbial. Your people set fire to the house.

Come on Dave. Show us the money. Where are the Conservative regimes worldwide rejoicing in being immune from the NINJA conjuring trick? Where are they? Come on! You must have a list of them surely? Otherwise your piffle is quite simply beyond belief.

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