Monday, October 13, 2008

Opposition Leaders: Cameron and Clegg Fester

Call me Dave David Cameron and Whippy Nick Clogg have just given live interviews on BBC News 24. Crapulence from both.

Cameron was full of the old double edged blether. Supporting the government yet trying to pin the problem on ten years of readily available credit - from the bankers, and which has lined the pockets of capitalists and rich folk like hisself, selling to the credit rich - on past Labour governments. He refused to acknowledge that his useless shadow GOO has been briefing against the government despite the supposed national unity.

Could have been asked about young Chris Grayling, continuing to disgrace the old school tie this time with partisan sniping not lies about living in a paper bag floating in a cess pool.

Clogg talked about cutting taxes with his proposed financing for this some vague clamp down on those annoying loopholes and avoidance. He needs to provide costed proposals including the full cost-benefit of each closed loophole. In my opinion Nick has been looking mighty rough this last couple of weeks. Is he under some internecine pressure from the Glibs at large? Wanting Vince Cable to get the job he should have had in the first place?

Incidentally Tom Harris MP, who has blogged his feelings on de-ministration has swung a U-Turn on an earlier post. Suggesting that Osborne's Newsnight interview with Kirsty Wark was not his worst, and that she wasn't in fact laughing at him. You can watch here twenty minutes in. I'll stand by my attempted but unsuccessful linkbait. Goo was useless. Kirsty was rightly laughing behind her hands at the foolish baronet.


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