Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rochdale Libdemmery: Jeannie's Rebuke From Health

Councillor Jeannie Ashworth earns yet another rebuke from Health Chiefs for scaremongery and misery. This persistent drip drip drip of running down the local NHS she works for must now be approaching a Standards Board matter?


Anonymous said...

Just the usual Fib Dem tactic.

Create bandwagon
Jump on bandwagon
Jump off bandwagon, onto fence.

Make noise without real responsibility.

Put it all in a leaflet to make it look as though they are actually doing something.

Make sure Dave Hennigan writes guff and includes lots of exclamation marks in it.

Get friends to canvas at election time using novel methods of community cohesiveness.

Anonymous said...

Like saying : "You don't want to vote for a Paki round here do you?"

(c) Jeannie's supporters

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Jeannie's supporters have been coached at the David Hennegan old skool of racial and religious intolerance.

A nod's as good as a wink to a blind man ;o)

Anonymous said...

Rochdale Fib Dem councillors - white, expensive, dodgy, dusty and gets up some people's noses. Just how like Dave H likes things.

Anonymous said...

"You don't want to vote for Lorna the Jew round here do you"

(c) Paul Rowen's supporters in the General Election 2005.

Fib Demmory - Talk about being all things to all men.

Anonymous said...

Paul Rowen MP's mighty majority is rock solid.

Safe as money in the bank.

His political credentials are based on decent family values, honesty and straight talking.

With Sir Cyril Smith MBE as his guide and mentor, Paul will be remembered as a true conviction politician.

Abdulsrevenge said...
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Anonymous said...
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Chris Paul said...

Apologies people for taking so long to delete Hennigan and Co's defamatory statements 20:47.

Also Abdulsrevenge comment of 17:45 needed doing for.

Both completely uncalled for.

Though I must say Hennigan and Co commenting anonymously - about himself wrongly accusing a righteous Muslim recently deceased (trying to help Rochdale links) man on the occasion of Eid of being as bad as the utterly despicable Cyril asbestos-wise?

Well. That is the lowest ebb yet of the Rochdale Lib Dem experience.

What a drunken off-his-trolley twat Hennigan is. Coming out with this. And yet Rowen stands by and allows it. Pays Hennigan's salary for a 99% party political and 90% drunken output.

I'd be investigating that, if you weren't already, you MSM readers you.

"Steven Burke" could hardly have been better named. Unless "Steven" were replaced with "Fucking Ball-less Money Grubbing Wrong-end-of-the-stick used-by-Hennigan Idiot" that is.

And besides that Dave ... the lies have been conceded on this.

You deserve to be in court. And in jail.

Ravey Davey "off mi face" Hennigan said...

Hokey cokey

Anonymous said...

washed down with a 2 litre bottle of White Lightning and a keebab.

Classy fucker.

Bound to go far.