Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sarah Palin: Pull String She Talks Merchandise

Sarah Palin's Robo-Veep Flow Chart is now available on lots and lots of merchandise.

This Daily Kos story posted by the graphic artist adennak themselves seems to be the original source. Though I got it from Tom Harris' blog as credited at my post.


Ted Foan said...

No, Chris. You never credited Tom Harris. It's another Labour lie!

You must be desperate. No. I'll re-phrase that. You are desperate.

Chris Paul said...

Come on Diablo. You cannot read straight. It was (a) credited with a link to Tom Harris; and (b) credited on the graphic itself.

Accusing me of changing posts when you have mis-read them is a trait you share with EHC. I wonder? I wonder?

Chris Paul said...

Wot? Still no apology?