Thursday, October 30, 2008

Soft-Spoken Guido Fawkes: Can He Actually Add Up?

"This is Guido's simple question using double-sided stickey tape and Miss Fawkes' crayons" he claims shamelessly. But it turns out that dear Guido is passing off Benedict Brogan's dodgy arithmetic as his own. Benny goes on to some international comparators but sadly fails to explain what basis these were concocted on. Bump up our own national debt by unnatural means. Then compare with other nations' calculations on the conservative, standard formula. Tantamount to high treason. Bloody fifth column never mind fourth estate.

UPDATED Fri 00:26.


Anonymous said...

Nope. He's a criminally drunken bankrupt.

Diablo said...

"...what basis these were concocted on." Watch the grammar please Paul Minor.

And talking of shoddy work, your arithmetic homework appears to be strikingly similar to Brown Major's answers which have already been given a Z minus. If you are going to copy other peoples's work, Paul, make sure you do it from a boy who has shown some basic aptitude.

Chris Paul said...

Do either of you sluggers have an argument to go with the swagger?

Talking of shoddy work Diablo try sorting out your own dire blog.

Diablo said...

"Talking of shoddy work Diablo try sorting out your own dire blog"...

Ummm...thanks for that Chris. I actually use my blog to communicate with my friends and family occasionally to comment on matters that interest them. We usually have quite robust and lively discussions by email.

Unlike you - who has no friends - and only enemies. And most often your inane and vaccuous posts are met with a deafening silence. Is that why you feel you need to respond everytime there is a comment?

It can't be long before the toilet chain is pulled and you go down the sewer along with all the crap you keep spewing out?

Chris Paul said...

Touched a nerve? Surgeon go heal yourself.