Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tory Manners: Conservative Party Gone To The Dogs

Donal Blaney was perhaps first to the punchline on Iain Dale's Tub of Lard stand in for Phil Woolas suggestion of yesterday.

Though Dale apparently used Donal's picture, rather than something more appropriate (right), he didn't bother with the hat tip when he ran the story two hours later. He did at least manage some delayed gratification though as surely but surely Hattersley was already lined up? Donal also hopes Woy doesn't succumb to Chair Over Use Fatigue.

Donal also has an excellent story on the dangers of Facebook. Though even this better than going to work when trashed. That's just a recipe for losing face in my book.

Regretably no hat tip from Donal, though he shares some doubts about this being a genuine story. But oh dear! Aren't standards slipping? First we have the old Tories Talking Out Of School nonsense. Now there is a spreading lack of Credit Where Credit's Due too. Manners!


Iain Dale said...

First of all, I hadn't seen Donal's story. Second of all the image was not taken from his blog. It was an image I used a story months ago.

Do try harder.

Oh, and they had not got Hattersley lined up. They booked him yesterday after Labour tried to get them to take McNulty.

Dirty Euro said...

Iain dale the guy who stands up for crooked tories doing deals with corrupt russian tycoons. Well done Iain Dale and Guido (Osbounres shining knight in white armour) Fawkes you really are the the terror of the tory establishment. oooo they must really fear you. If they put a foot wrong, you'll eh help them up. Well done you really help to keeop politics clean. You must be soooooo proud. You tub of lard.
So Osbourne whips your campaign out and you still support the guy. How pathetic.
Osboune may be a great guy, for all I know, but he was corrupt, and would resign if he had honour. But politicans have no honour.
Mr Dale you have no honour. I say tar Dale, Osbounre and Fawkes in lard and put feathers on them. Send the crooked tories to the stocks. Crooked laybouts. :

Chris Paul said...

Not convinced that Hattersley wasn't already booked. Not convinced that Blaney's blog didn't inform Dale's. Very convinced that Dale owes me an apology for his pompous misreadings and claim I am, rather than he is, an idiot for actually knowing that Woolas followed Byrne not McNulty. You couldn't make it up. They're all feeling a bit tense over in the Tory camp. Diddums.

jailhouselawyer said...

Isn't Mr Dale just more than a little bit miffed that he has not been invited to sit on the panel of Question Time?

I watched the tub of lard episode of Have I Got News For You the other night.

Mr Dale's whining is beginning to sound like the character "Lard Arse" in the Shawshank Redemption.

As for his article in the Torygraph stating that the Tories should let loose the attack dogs. Bowsy Wowsy.