Thursday, October 09, 2008

Way Cool: Iceland Banks Frozen With Terror Laws

Unintended consequences, eh? And good ones for once.

The Financial Times report use of the 2001 Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act against the Bank of Bjork and the like. No complaints from me.

And if this helps bail out the couple of dozen mostly Tory local authorities with their family jewels staked on happy land banks then I don't suppose the Tories will be complaining.

Hat tip: Guido Frost (left).

UPDATE 11.45: The Icelandic Stock Exchange has been closed until Monday morning at least. Holy Geyser Batman!


Anonymous said...

Non Tory Lancs has a few bob in Iceland bro.

Anonymous said...

Have Rochdale Lib Dems squirreled any loot in Iceland?

Do they know what cash comes in and goes out?

A few of the more rotund Fib Dems look as though they have been spending far too much time and cash in Iceland, or Farmfoods etc.

Living off the fat of the land as Rochdale goes to pot. (NOT a Chris Davis MEP reference)

Anonymous said...

Some of the Rochdale Fib Dem cash is too hot. It would melt Iceland.

14 Emma Street, one of the first houses in the row to have a washing machine and a refrigerator.

Good for laundering and cooling things down.

Or so they thought.

The dragnet is tightening...