Saturday, November 01, 2008

Betting: Glenrothes Manipulation, Hedging Obama Bets

Odd Politics has linked to stories in The Times and The Scotsman stating that the old ringmaster Alex Salmond (above) is trying to deliberately manipulate the betting markets. By encouraging supporters to simultaneously stick a tenner on his nose. Labour and SNP both on 5/6 despite this insider dealing.

The betting markets were of course absolute madness on the day of the Dunfermline by-election in February 2006. There were even people betting frantically on Labour to win after the upset was obvious in the count. A flavour from Political Betting: here, during the count, here, calling the pollsters and here, looking forward and incidentally lengthening odds on a Gordon Brown leadership, bringing Blair's departure forward, moving Conservatives out on having most seats after the next General Election, and seeing the Lib Dems in a rut despite the Rennie headache.

MEANWHILE, back to the present: Morus at Political Betting is getting cold feet, like a Kinnock paddling in the North Sea or wherever it was in 1992.


Dirty Euro said...

Morus is a #### of the first order.
All he says is the polls might be wrong. No hint that maybe the election might get fixed. I think scum like Morus are what makes politcal betting so crap and waste of space and posion to the debate. He is already coming up with excuses for why the republicans could get away with fixing the election. The only way the reps will win is if they fix the election but that is exactly what they will do. No hint of if it Morus the neocons crooks views. The guy pisses me off. Morus is a just part of the right wing neocon conspiracy to steal the election. He is a scum bag in my opinion. Politcal betting is run by someone who up to his neck in with the elites and wealthy millionaires, oxbridge eltes. He is as politcally neutral and useful as the guy is as neutral as the guy who killed those proses for Dick Cheney.

Chris Paul said...

Get off the fence Dirty Euro ... you know you want to. Let's hope that the cheating required is beyond them this time and/or that they get caught at it and not let off.