Sunday, November 16, 2008

George Osborne: All Ee Wants Is A Room Somewhere

This post from Tom Harris MP is introduced by Iain Dale as the erstwhile Transport Minister, some say the historic first red box redundancy over a blog, "doesn't think George Osborne is all bad".

Which is true enough. It becomes a question of "how bad is he?"

Tom thinks GOO is lacking "luck" and "judgement" to go with "ability" and "skill". Which, if we meld the latter pair of likes into one factor becomes: "Tom Harris MP doesn't think GOO is more than two-thirds bad".

Similarly, in the same Sunday Dozen, I'm not sure Iain is quite representing Bob Piper correctly with the idea that what follows is praise exactly:

Now.... you won't be expecting this, but...
I thought George Osborne pitched it just right this morning on the Andrew Marr programme. The right combination of defiance, mixed with some talk of economic prudence. If he still wants the job, and he gave no sign of calling it a day, I would confidently predict he will be standing alongside his old Oxford chum David Cameron as Shadow Chancellor at the time of the next election. His only real problem, I suspect, and the bit that probably doesn't endear him even to his Tory colleagues, is his air of superiority and arrogance, and that won't play well with the electorate unless he can lose that inbuilt sneer. Oh, and that pained expression when concentrating that makes his face look like a smacked arse! But apart from that ...

Interestingly the Indy's Steve Richards, reported by Tom Harris MP, still has GOO as a future Conservative leader. But where does that leave his near contemporary Cameron? Falling on his arse at the next election and giving way to accident prone GOO? is that it?

And will GOO ... perhaps trying to cut off the Piper's faint praise at the pass ... 'ave gaught 'is estry 'nglish orf pat ... or rather Val, in time to figure should there be a vacancy? An hilarious story of poor little rich boy investing in his future. That's in whatever the opposite of elocution is. In attempt to pass for ornery.

Yes, it seems, The Mail on Sunday suggest, that GOO's been having un-poshiness lessons for yonks. And the MoS also detect some changes within the past year. Which is strange.

As au contraire plum the Tories haughtily. It's two years since he had some media training from this Valerie Savage, who has also, some would argue rather unsuccessfully, "tuned up" or "tuned down" some other Cons' for the box.

Repeat after me:

All GOO wants is a room somewhere

... preferably at Number 11. Bessie Cursons (above) tells it like it is. And even looks a bit like the little blighter. GOO Blimey!

INCIDENTALLY: Very pleased to share a spot in Iain's Saturday Dozen with Tom Miller, expert blogging on Manchester politics ... from Woking.

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