Saturday, November 29, 2008

Green-Gate Reaction: Damian Green "Crossed The Line"

We are indebted to the Martin Salter MP fan club for posting a link to this perceptive analysis of the Damian Green situation. Martin suggests that Damian has been a very naughty boy in that he seems to have been a proactive part of the leaks operation which the Home Office head mandarin considers very unhelpful to the proper running of his department. DG has "crossed the line" according to Mr Salter.

Former MP Jane Griffiths has finished her version of The Blair Years called "The One".


Everybody Hates Chris said...
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Chris Paul said...

Bye bye, you're barred ... remember?

Everybody Hates Chris said...

Strange that when I posted something recently that was generally supportive of Labour you left the commnt untouched.

At least I don't invent scrote multiple names for myself to make derogatory comments a la Chris Paul.