Saturday, November 29, 2008

Green-Gate: USA Gun WingNuts For Ashford One

This is no laughing matter of course. It's probably outrageous. But The Daily Mail have predictably done the usual. Multiplying the harm by a Max Factor. Who told journalists about police looking at correspondence - including love letters - if it was not the family?

Anyway, never mind that, here below's my favourite Daily Mail window licking commenter to date and above how Damien Green might look if he followed the gun licker's advice:

Wow, I've been thinking the UK has gone bonkers for a while now, what with banning guns and watching crime go up, banning knives and watching crime go up some more; meanwhile men being arrested for overfilling their trash bins and parking with their tires not curbed properly.
Now, it turns out your elected government isn't actually in charge--the crazy gun confiscating, bin inspecting police brutes now run your country in an extra-legal fashion. Scary.
Too bad they too your guns, eh? You're going to need them to protect yourselves from authorities run amok.
- Chris, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, 29/11/2008 02:27

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