Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Iain Dale Rotten Ratings: If PMQ Principles Were Dancing ...

Iain Dale's PMQ ratings - today bizarrely scored: Gordon Brown 5 - David Cameron 7 - Nick Clegg 4 when 8 - 5- 3 is more like it - have just become a complete joke. Apparently he's repeating these extraordinary hallucinations on the telly too. We'd like to say we could resist this blatant link bait, but sadly we cannot.

ANY FOOL KNOW: stately Pavane-iste Gord whacked the Cor Phew plate smashing attention seeking Dervish Dav - above in Bullingdon Club / shadow cabinet rehearsal - whacked him 'til the pips squeaked in fact. Alas Clogg's weedy seed fell in ungainly pitter patter Clogging onto cobbled ground. It'll do him no good.


Anonymous said...

What if I took the mickey out of you for being a mal-educated, lower socio-economic class, ill mannered bigot? But it's fine for you lot to harp on about 'Toffs' when surely to God the veil of ignorance absolves us and I PAY MORE TAX THAN 10 AVERAGE VOTERS!!

You're the worst kind of bigot, a sanctimonious one. You're not the enemy, I pity you and I will help you from your rut. Which is a damn sight more than your lot have managed.

There are whole tracts of Manchester which are in a state of horrible blight and you blame it on some kind of Thatcherite policy initiative. You don't make sense at all man.

Chris Paul said...

Can you read? Nothing about Toffs there at all, you thick freak.

Anonymous said...

Great riposte - then why mention the Bullers? Are all unions devious self interest sectional groups that should be abused a la Colombia?

Iain Dale said...

The thing is, Chris, I could name you several occasions when I have scored Brown higher than Cameron, and many occasions when I had scored it equally. Name a single occasion when you have said Brown lost.

See, you can't.

Who's more objective, then? Me or you?

Chris Paul said...

Dear Iain

You would have a point if I issued scores every week, which I don't; or if in particular I awarded Brown a 7-5 win when he was a loser, which I also don't do.

I'm not sure you'll be able to find ANY serious commentator that gives Cameron better than a wishful thinking smidge of a lead and even in the Right dominated media I think it'll be mainly draws or indeed Brown ahead.

Who's more objective?

Well you're not more objective than anyone mate. Which is why you are the Labour Party's Tory Blogger of Choice. Don't you see.

7-5 is comedic scoring. As it goes I -listened- and did not -watch-. Was there something in the visual experience that causes you to award this silly score?

Cameron was enormously underwhelming at the Chamber Dinner up in Manchester this Monday btw ...

All the best

Chris P

Chris Paul said...


GOO, Cam and Boz are Bullers. This is something rather hilarious to have in your CV and is a small sub-section of toffs. Uber toffs if you like. Though AFAIK they don't duel like the young blades in heidelberg.

Bullers also of course involving Guppy and Rothschild and a few other chancers of note.

I'm not sure what would be the "working class" equivalent distinction? Perhaps ex-miner would do it? Or merchant navy steward?

Your response was like shit off a shovel. Clearly hit some kind of raw nerve.