Saturday, November 01, 2008

John Leech MP: Clot Wants "No" to Mean "Yes"

News stories posted to John "Hospital Hoax" Leech's site yesterday:

* Leech seeks protection for Manchester's transport money
Manchester Withington's Liberal Democrat MP, John Leech, is demanding assurances that in the event of a 'no' vote in the forthcoming Greater Manchester congestion charge referendum, the city won't lose the money that it has been promised for public transport improvements.

With brilliant ideas like this you'd think he'd want to take part in the South Manchester Reporter debate wouldn't you? But he's sending his lickspittle Simple Simon Ashley.

That's because No-means-Yes dullard Leech is (a) mightily scared of being on a platform with impressive representatives of other parties, particularly Labour's Lucy Powell, which fact he has secretly confided to my mate, the garrulous editor; and (b) has no coherent position on Greening Manchester whatsoever, which he's trying to keep quiet while running a politically schoolboy error No-means-Yes campaign.

A "carbon neutral" website, and a small forest of paper laundered through his contrived "Withington Printing Society", an unincorporated association. Those Withington Lib Dems love printing so much ... that they formed a society.


Anonymous said...

Getting people to vote no on the delusional grounds that they'll still get the investment? Leech is even more of a liability for manchester than comrade stringer.

every man jack hates chris said...

You're crazy Chris.

What possible advantage would the MP or the local party get from creating a so-called Printing Society, hiring them workspace and an old 2-colour Riso machine too albeit at rather high prices, instead of simply openly using proper printers and producing the genuine invoices for those transactions? This is clearly a labour of love from the legion of leech.

How dare you cast these aspersions.